Our Founder

A glimpse into the life of Mr.R.Gopalakrishnan


Diploma Holder In Textile Technology, with 30 years experience in the Industry.

He spearheads on the startegy of company, with hands-on control over manufacturing and export business.

A glimpse into the life of Mr. Sivaram.T.R

Managing Director – Classic Polo.

A visionary and a true leader, Sivaram TR followed in his father’s footsteps and joined his family’s textile business. But, he aimed to take the business to greater heights, and that is why he founded Royal Classic Mills Pvt Ltd in 1991. Over 27 years later, hestill runs the company with the same vigour and passion and now serves as the Managing Director of the Royal Classic Groups. Under his guidance, the company gets a turnover of Rs 6.5 billion every year.

Born in 1971 in Tirupur, Sivaram did his schooling from the same city and graduated with a Diploma in Civil Engineering from Nachimuthu Polytechnic, Tamil Nadu. With the family business in textile, he was getting trained in the finer details of the industry right from his childhood.

Sivaram has a vast experience in manufacturing, brand development and retailing. He launched the medium range t-shirt brand under RCG called Classic Polo, 17 years ago, which now acquires around Rs 3 billion in the retail markets. Thanks to his leadership, Classic Polo has got a pan India distribution system in place to make sure that theproducts are well accessible to everyone. Classic Polo is making an averagegrowth of 40% every year, irrespective of all odds in the Indian economy, and all the credit goes to our founder's vision.

Apart from making his textile business a success, Sivaram also acknowledges his social responsibility andcontributes towards the society. He set up an NGO called Vetry, which plants trees in the nearby areas to leave a greener world for the future generation. So far the amazing team of volunteers at Vetry have planted over 25,000 saplings. He has also improved a government school in Tirupur with the best of infrastructural facilities with an aim to provide better education to those who cannot afford it.

Under Sivaram TR’s leadership, the Royal Classic Groups is assured to reach even more heights and accomplishments.